GREENZA, a newly established producer company of farmers engaged in the production, value addition and marketing of agriculture goods and services in pristine forms. The operating area of GREENZA is notoriously known for the farmers suicides basically due to poor market linkages. The approach of the GREENZA involves, involvement of distressed farmers in their own development by incorporating entrepreneur approach. We believe, true development begins when all the stakeholders joins and see the dream of holistic development. The authenticity, consistency in supply, purity of products and honesty in the supply of various agriculture goods is primary strength of GREENZA. The GREENZA is owned and created by the local farmers.


Our mission considers farming as complex ecosystem of the various interlinked components. There is natural balance, dynamism and feedback mechanism among various components. Due to various anthropogenic factors there is unbalance which is leading to various problems, the extreme among it is episodes of suicides among farmers. We believes that, holistic ecosystem approach of the management is needed to ameliorate the problem. We believe that increased cost of the agriculture, wide spread environmental degradation, increasing market dependency, and eroding traditional decision making and conflict resolution systems in the villages are root causes behind the problems. The diverse activities suggested in our mission are as follows: establishment of the local decision making systems, capacity building of these systems for sustainable agriculture, promotion of low cost agriculture, conservation of the traditional varieties of cultivar, water and soil conservation, promotion of the organic farming, promotion of  off-farm income opportunities and market intervention.


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